I have always taken pictures but in the last decade or so I have tried to MAKE pictures.  Travel has been my focus in the past and you will see many photos showcasing this.

On this site, you will see portraits of people from away, from so called  third world countries.  A lot of women.  Most have struggled every minute of their existence but their faces are beautiful, strong, proud.  These extraordinary people find pleasure in the smallest things, are generous, cherish their children and are a joy to meet.

More and more now, I find myself delighting in what is on my doorstep.  I am not always  looking for photographic opportunities but I see shapes and lines everywhere and am rarely without a camera.  I like lines a lot.  Colour is also very important to me, so much so that I can become unsettled if I think it is off.  

I am lucky to live on the west coast of Canada and there are many photos of the sea and forests there.  I am drawn particularly to light on water and have become obsessed with clouds.  You will see that...enjoy.

Ann White                        annwhite034@gmail.com

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